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DCA Computers Repair Centre

Adding CoolantSince 1993, DCA Computers has prided itself on the technical expertise, reputation and efficiency of our in-store PC repair centre. Open to the public, you will see our current team of technicians maintaining a fluctuating service queue of between 20-50 Laptop and Desktop PCs at any given time. Our workshop is outfitted with 20 benchtop slots and 5 Backup/testing servers, allowing us to constantly circulate amongst the service jobs and continually check the status on diagnostic tests and other procedures being performed. This allows us to efficiently progress our repair and service work in a production line and ensure that all work is being continually attended to in the most expedient possible fashion.

EinsteinDCA Computers provides an up-front fixed price service guide, which covers the majority of repair and service scenarios encountered in our workshop. You will be advised upon book-in of the appropriate testing or service fee applicable to your particular circumstance. During the testing and diagnostic phase of your job, one of our technicians will call you and advise you of any further costs which may be incurred. For instance, if our testing detects a faulty component, such as a RAM Module or Hard Disk Drive, we will provide you with a quotation over the phone, for all costs involved to completely conclude your repair work including replacement parts and any additional labour costs.


  1. Diagnose Fault and Advise
             Laptop/Notebook/Netbook – $69
             Desktop – $49

  2. Installation of a Device, Load Device Driver and Test – $29

  3. Device Driver Installation and Test – $19

  4. Installation of a Software Application and Test – $29

  5. Installation of a Power Supply Unit – $49

  6. Dust and Clean – $29

  7. Virus and Spyware removal – $99

  8. Format and Reinstall Operating System and Drivers – $89

  9. Data Clean and Backup – $69

10. Restoration of Email, Address Book and Favorites – $49

11. Setup a “Windows Live” or alternative email client – $39

12. Build/Rebuild Standard PC System – $89

13. Build/Rebuild Non Standard PC System – $149

14. Data Recovery – recover lost or deleted files and folders – $149

15. Hard Disk Drive cloning – $69


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Ph: 9634 2555


1: Diagnose Fault & Advise

         Desktop PC  -  $49

Desktop PC


        Laptop/Notebook/Netbook   -  $69

Laptop repair

If your PC is displaying unusual or erratic behaviour and you are not sure why, our technicians will perform a comprehensive range of tests to track down and locate the problem. Problems will usually relate to either software or hardware. Software diagnosis will can include but is not limited to - virus/malware, operating system corruption, registry corruption and program conflicts. Hardware testing can include but is not limited to – memory, hard drives, power supply, optical drive, and inspection of motherboard, capacitors, heatsinks, voltage regulation modules, circuit traces and faulty cabling as well as blockages, bad connections and dust/dirt/insect related problems.

Minor problems are quite often detected and corrected during our initial testing and diagnostic phase and no further service charges will apply

2: Installation of a Device, Load device driver and test   -  $29

Looking to upgrade your graphics card? Or perhaps have a wireless adapter installed? Our technicians will install your device, along with any necessary software and drivers, and test it to make sure it is functioning correctly. 

3: Device driver installation and test   -  $19

Device driver installation and testReformatted your PC but now you have no sound due to missing device drivers? DCA technicians will find the correct software for your device and make sure it is working properly.


4: Installation of a Software application and test  -  $29

Have you just purchased a new Software application but are unsure how to install and set it up? Don’t worry, our technicians have had experience with a wide variety of software applications, and will install and setup your application for you. 

5: Installation of a Power Supply Unit  -  $49

PSU | Power Supply UnitPower supply failure is a common problem with home PCs, due to power surges and fluctuations, lightning storms and loss of efficiency due to overheating or just old age.

Once a suitable replacement power supply has been selected for your PC, our technicians will install and neatly recable it for the above labour fee. Neat tidy cabling is critical for modern PCs to allow unrestricted airflow and prevent overheating of internal components.

6: Dust and Clean  -  $29

It is surprising how many problems can arise from the inevitable buildup of dust inside a modern computer. Blockages can occur in heatsinks, vents, grills and fans, and can lead to the overheating and catastrophic failure of hardware components. DCA recommends our comprehensive dust and clean service at least once a year to keep your PC in sparkling clean condition both inside and out. We regard this simple maintenance procedure to be one of the most important and cost effective ways of reducing the chances of hardware failure in your PC.

7: Virus and Spyware removal  -  $99

Computer virusVirus and Spyware infections have become an unfortunate part of the Information Technology industry and a great number of home PCs get caught out by increasingly devious methods such as fake popup alerts, drive by website infections, or through downloading infected files from peer to peer networks such as Limewire or Frostwire. Infections such as these can adversely affect your PC ranging from minor performance slowdowns to Blue Screen errors, or even prevent windows from loading and rendering your PC completely unusable.

At DCA we pride ourselves on our ability to revive badly infected machines back to normal functionality. Over many years, and through exhaustive testing, we have developed our own 11 step cleaning procedure, which we believe is the best in the business.

8: Format and Reinstall Operating System and Drivers  -  $89

Sometimes, after years of usage, Windows can start to behave erratically. Just through prolonged usage, components can become corrupted, the windows registry can get stuck with remnants of past programs long since uninstalled and things just start to go wrong. Sometimes viruses or spyware can damage critical windows files to the point where it just can’t be saved. In times such as these the best way to get up and running again in the quickest possible time frame is to wipe your HDD and do a clean fresh installation of windows.  Of course you must first ensure that you have backups of all important data and programs, as these will need to be restored/reinstalled after the fresh installation of windows is completed.

9: Data Clean and Backup  -  $69

Useful if you are having a reformat performed and would like our technicians to copy all the data off your PC beforehand. This is handy when you may not have been keeping your own recent backup copies of important files such as Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, Photos, Music, Media Files or any other data which you don’t want to lose. The contents of your HDD will be swept for infections before being backed up to one of our Workshop servers. After your reformat is completed your data will be placed in a folder called “Data Backup” and a shortcut to this folder will be placed on the desktop of your fresh Operating System. Please note that this is just a bulk data copy service and does not restore your emails or favorites, or reinstall old programs.

10: Restoration of Email, Address Book and Favorites  -  $49

If you have had your PC reformatted and would like to have your emails, address book and internet favorites restored to their original programs and locations, then our technicians can do this for you. Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live mail, Incredimail, Thunderbird or any others – We have you covered.

11: Setup a “Windows Live” or alternative email client  -  $39

If you are upgrading from an older Windows XP based machine and have been using the integrated “Outlook Express” mail client, you will find that it is no longer available in Windows 7. You will need to have a Windows Live mail account created, or perhaps choose an alternative mail client program. Don’t hesitate to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly technicians and they will be able to give you the right advice to get your email back up and running. You may need to provide us with certain information relating to your Internet Service Provider and their mail servers, and also your account details and password.

12: Build/Rebuild Standard PC System  -  $89

Building a computerApplies if you are purchasing or rebuilding a standard desktop or tower PC, or having existing components transferred into a new PC enclosure. Does not include non standard configurations such as water-cooled systems, cold cathode lighting systems, high end overclocked gaming systems, etc. Your DCA representative will advise you as to whether your selected or existing configuration will attract the non-standard configuration fee.

13: Build/Rebuild Non Standard PC System  -  $149

Applies for more complicated and labour intensive specialised PC builds. DCA technicians have the ability to include a wide range of high end options in your PC build. Specifications such as water cooling, heatpipe cooling, thermoelectric cooling, phase change cooling, fanbus, cold cathode lighting, UV reactive components, SLI and Xfire configurations, Overclocking, to name just a few. If it can be done – DCA can do it!

14: Data Recovery – Recover deleted or lost files  -  $149

Accidentally deleted an important file or folder? Perhaps your machine has been reformatted and you just realised that you didn’t backup your data. Don’t panic – Your DCA technician can utilise one of several powerful utility tools to recover lost data from your hard drive. Over the years we have saved many people from disaster. Please note that this service only applies to functional, non faulty Hard Disk Drives. If your HDD happens to have a mechanical fault and we are unable to recover your data then don’t worry, we will still be able to refer you to someone who can help.

15: Hard Drive Cloning  -  $69

HDD | Harddisk DriveIf you have run out of space on your HDD but don’t want the hassle of reinstalling windows on to a new HDD then a simple solution is to have your Operating System, programs and all data cloned to a new HDD. Everything will be duplicated identically and you will be able to boot straight up into your old windows environment on your newer, larger HDD.